Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A 2 IEP Day

Both boys' IEP meetings held today and both resulted in exciting new prospects :)

I was expecting Will's meeting to go well: it's preschool, afterall, which is truly the land of milk and cookies and NOTHING AT ALL like mainstream gen ed IEP's where you walk out of your first one reeling and wondering how things could turn so hostile so quickly.

First thing this morning, though, was Parker's preliminary transition IEP meeting. I am honestly impressed with the schedule our spec ed teacher came up with to try and accommodate important aspects of Parker's program and it will result in me getting 1 afternoon/week alone. That's right, I said alone. So long as Parker is comfortable with the schedule, I will drop him off at the school,then head home to put Will on the bus, and then not see any children with whom I share a last name until 3:30 when Will comes home on the bus again. Imagine what I can do with 4 whole hours - tee hee!

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