Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So, yeah, that was a quick 2 1/2 years...

Spare time.  Nope, we haven't had much of that.  But, things change...

Chloe is at the STEM school (proper name pending) which has her very occupied day and night and William began kindergarten this year.  He absolutely LOVES kindergarten.  We went from the single most challenging summer I've ever experienced with a hostile, aggressive, impulsive, and honestly frightening little boy to bliss... or darn near that.  We scored the best ever teacher who has an excellent student teacher with her until winter break.  I think what has made the most difference for him is the structure provided in this setting.  He has his own spaces, his own challenges and activities, his own friends.  Then there is the classroom management.  While behavioral tricks are something I usually frown on (not realistic in the long term), Will's teacher has implemented some great concepts that encourage self-monitoring.  He is so into these that he has come home a number of times suggesting we implement the same programs at home :)  So, William is happy.  And a happy William gives us all a chance to recover, grow, and develop ourselves - finally!

I've barely mentioned Chloe but she's probably happy about that.  To sum up, I received a text the other day, "Mommy, high school is draining my life blood!  Help!".

I think from here out I will keep this site mostly for Parker to begin blogging about his experiences and interests. Feel free to comment and I'll try to keep on top of having him respond.

* * *
OMG! Right, and about Parker...

6th grade, taking Middle School Science, Photography, and Ceramics at Emerson K12 (name change occurred last year or so).  At home, great things have happened. 

Last year we had 5 kids join us weekly for History and I developed a true love for teaching.  This year it just doesn't work out to continue in that format but we're hoping to keep it up in some way or another.  Looking into National History Day as a possibility. 

Today marks an important achievement: Parker completed 5th grade math!  We now use ALEKS as our online math and it has proven to be just right; challenging enough, easy to demonstrate mastery if you have it, and they assess regularly but not oppressively.  Total win for us and today we did a little happy dance :)

We've been listening to the Artemis Fowl series on CD in the car.  We all love it and Parker and I spend lots of time discussing plot twists, character strengths and flaws, etc... This has proven to be a very successful way to keep him "reading" as he really only likes to read non-fiction on paper and about gaming on the computer.

Writing is still our greatest challenge but I'm looking forward to beginning the Brave Writer program which we will be doing with another student and mom.  I'll report back on that, or maybe Parker will!

We're trying to walk the mile loop around our neighborhood whenever possible.  At first Parker wasn't too crazy about it but quickly this has become a special time for us.

That's it for now.  Next post, I'll have Parker write up his own bio.